Anywhere Out of the World, 2000,
Beta digital, 4 minutes

My name is Annlee ! Annlee !
You can spell it however you want !
It doesn't matter ! No it does not.
I was bought for 46000 Yen
46000 Yen, paid to a design character company. "K" works !
I ended'up, I ended'up, like some others, in a catalogue.
Proposed to cartoon producers and comic book editors.
Yea ! Like hum... like Drop dead in a comic book !
Some other characters had the...
Some other characters had the possibility of becoming a hero.
They had a long psychological description, a personal history,
material to produce a narration.
They were really expensive when I was cheap !
Designed to join any kind of story,
but with no chance to survive to any of them.
I / was never designed to survive...
It's true, everything I am saying is true !
Some names have been changed, to preserve the guilty !
I / am / a product
a product freed from the market place I was supposed to fill.
Drop dead in a comic book.
I will never forget.
I had just a name and an ID.
My name is Annlee !
My name is Annlee !
Spell it however you want !
It doesn't matter. No it does not.
After being sold, I was redesigned !
Funny ! I can even say now ! look !
That's how I used to be !
and this is how I look now.
It's like when you point out an old photo
Oh ! Yeah ! I forgot to tell you, the voice through which
I'm talking to you now, was never my voice.
I have no voice ! Her name is Daniela.
She is looking at me now !
She is a model. She is not used to speaking.
She is an image, just like me.
She is used to selling products when I've got nothing to sell.
And I will never sell anything,
how can I ? 'Cause I'm the product !
I was bought, but strangely enough I do not belong to anybody.
I belong to whom is ever able to fill me with anykind of imaginary material.
Anywhere out of the world.
I am an imaginary character.
I am no ghost, just a shell.