I am for you
Installation views and performance at Air de Paris

William James had talked about the shiftiness of truth, about its lack of a single center. So, to test my idea about the third sculpture, I wrote catalytic texts and gave them out on the street. Most didn't view it as art and the project evolved through their understanding and criticism. But most importantly, you could have walked by and not even noticed that it was going on.

Archive begun 1990. New York City: Prince and Broadway, Court and Joralemon, Thompson between Spring and Prince, 5th Avenue and 57th Street. Cologne: Rudolfplatz, Wallraffplatz, Ehrenstrasse and Apostelenstrasse, Olivandenhof and Zeppelinstrasse. 22 hours and 45 minutes spent on the street. 11,750 catalytic texts given. Project can be repeated. Archive in the collection of the artist.