01. Media Centre, WSIS, Genève, 10.12.03.

02. Media Liberties in the Information Society, organised by Comedia, the Swiss media union and Amnesty International with Rita Freire, brasilian journalist, vice-director of CIRANDA - Network ; Ignacio Ramonet, Chief-editor "Le Monde Diplomatique" ; Tahar Abidi, Freelance journalist, member of the liberty Council in Tunisia, refugee in Paris, WSIS, Genève, 10.12.03.

03. Tahar Abidi, journaliste tunisien, réfugié politique en France, WSIS, Genève, 10.12.03.

04. Internet Motoman or :" A Model for the world closing the Digital Divide : The first time that broadband internet access for villages has been implemented for under $500", stand du Cambodge, ICT4 Development, WSIS, Genève, 11.12.03

05. Unlimited Potential, ICT4 Development, WSIS, Genève, 11.12.03.
(ou Our approach to a Ubiquitous Society).

06. African Media Village, ICT4 Development, WSIS, Genève, 11.12.03.

07. We Seize, Strategic Conference organised by Geneva03 : Infowar : reports from the Front with Sasha Costanza - Chock (FTAA IMC), Rene Baralt, Jesus Rodriguez (Venezuelan Community Media), Jaquie Sohen (Big Noise Tactical Media). The conference begins "with an edited, 20 minutes showing of the documentary "The Revolution will not be televised", which offers a fascinating inside perspective on President Chavez's popularity and the way that media can bastardize the truth for political gain", L'Usine, Genève, 11.12.03.

08. Polymedia Lab : an intervention into the reorganisation of power, communication and information, the polymedia lab is a media and communication laboratory during the WSIS, Geneva03 collective, Palladium, Genève, 11.12.03.

09. L'information ne se vend pas, elle se partage !, Polymedia Lab, Palladium, Genève, 11.12.03..

10. Press Conference : Indigenous Peoples and ICTs with Ole-Henrik Magga, Chairperson of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Sumiland ; Mililani Trafk, Permanent Forum Member for the Pacific, Hawaii, Press Conference Room, Media Centre, WSIS, Genève, 11.12.03.

11. Open Source Software : Pros and Cons From a Development Perspective, with : Tengku Mohd Azzman Shariffadeen, President and CEO, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia ; Edgard David Villanueva Nunez, Congressman Peru ; Vinvent Landon (Moderateur), Science Editor, Swissinfo / Swiss Radio International ; Robert Kramer, Vice President, Global Public policy, Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) ; Bildad Kagai, Co-ordinator, Free Software and Open Source Foundation for africa (FOSSFA), Kenya ; Pedro Urra, Director, Infomed, Cuba, Conference Room # 1, ICT4 Development, Genève, 12.12.03

12. Manifestation organisée par le collectif Geneva03 contre le WSIS I, zone piétonne du Mont Blanc, Genève, 12.12.03

13. Manifestation organisée par le collectif Geneva03 contre le WSIS II, zone piétonne du Mont Blanc, Genève, 12.12.03

14. Lancement du Fonds de Solidarité Numérique, C.Ferrazino, maire de Genève, Le conseiller du president du Sénégal M. A. Wade, G. Collomb, maire de Lyon, salle de conférence de presse, Media Centre, WSIS, Genève, 12.12.03.

15. Conférence de presse de clôture du Sommet Mondial sur la Société de l'information avec F. Lambert, porte-parole de l'ONU ; Y. Utsumi secrétaire général du Sommet et secrétaire général de l'Union Internationnale des Télecommunications, P. Couchepin, président de la Confédération Suisse ; N. Desai, secrétaire du secrétaire général de l'ONU, M. Leuenberger, ministre suisse de la communication, salle de conférence de presse, Media Centre, WSIS, Genève, 12.12.03.