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Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, 1994/99
Kobe, Hiroshima, San Francisco, Paris -
One day, I thought that if I became Santa Claus in the warm season, I had to feelthat I was
in some southern hemisphere country that had Christmas in the warm season.
It was spring, and I became Santa Claus in the vacant lot near the ocean, through which
the train passed. I was the Santa Claus whom you could glimpse at from thetrain
window, but could not look back and gaze at. The glimpse of me was the event that would
linger in your mind, because of its momentary impression.
I thought it would be wonderful if someone from Latin America or Australia wason the train,
and, catching a glimpse of me as Santa Claus, recalled Christmas at home in the warm season.
I picked up the garbage in the vacant lot. This Santa Claus in the spring held the bags that were
blue and filled with discarded things.
Sometimes, I think about Colombus. He tried to reach India, then he discovered America.
Where can my "Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere" reach?