Plamen Dejanov / Svetlana Heger

Talking About / Pacific (Plenty Objects of Desire), 1999-2000

5 lacquered wooden platforms (light pink, beige, light green, light blue, blue)
1BMW bicycle
7glass lamps by Vistosi (dark blue, yellow, grey, orange, olive green and blue)
1 hard-top for a Z3 Roadster silver
1 luggage-box for a Z3 Roadster
2 silver rims for a Z3 Coupé
1 luggage-box for a Z3 coupé black
1glass vase from Murano (red)
1 art work by Bruno Serralongue (“Firework - Red”, 1994, framed cibachrome)
1 artwork by Raymond Pettibon (Untitled, 1990, framed ink on paper)
18 small cristal objects (BMW cars, boat and moto)
Posters Installation size 185 x 1125 cm