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This is the first of a series of films that will each offer a story to Annlee, a manga character, whose rights were acquired in common with Pierre Huyghe. This project is titled "NO GHOST, JUST A SHELL", the poster is created by M/M. 2 MINUTES EN DEHORS DU TEMPS, Pierre Huyghe's film, has been exhibited at Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris.
Furthercoming films by Dominique Gonzalez Foerster, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Pierre Joseph .

"In Japan, in Tokyo and in Kyoto, there are two agencies, of particular nature, specialized in the production of Mangas, that I contacted.

The Manga industry is a considerable one, that places itself outside of common daily experiences, all the while being extremely organized. The stories themselves, in order to be produced as fast as possible, are based on characters, or more specifically, on features such as powers, personal backgrounds or experiences. These characters are chosen to fit situations that editors create for them. These situations offer the characters a chance to prove themselves and their capabilities. So its really about, rather than the stories themselves, more of a Fitness program.
Most of the time, we are really dealing with mutants, in their different stages of evolution.
ItŐs their capabilities, their particular ability to adapt themselves that determine their placement in eventual stories. The two agencies create characters for the different editing houses.
The characters are priced depending on their possibility of surviving the stories.
The more complex they are, the fitter they will be to survive stories, stories that are not completely traced out and determined. Many characters are sold knowing before hand that they will only appear on one or two pages, or simply for several seconds. They are therefore lead to die off quickly. And the heros are, of course, practically unobtainable, and highly expensive.

An ecological empire, a translation empire:

Buy the copyright, for a good deal, of one of these characters, destined to disappear very quickly. Work with her, in a real story, translate her capabilities into psychological traits, lend her a character, a texte, a denunciation, and adress to the Court a trial in her defense...
Do all that you can so that this character lives different stories and experiences.
So that she can act as a sign, as a live logo.
The film is a one sequence shot, and the character, well, she introduces herself..."

(Translated from P. Parreno's Notes, 1999)