The Tattoo Collection was first initiated with Lawrence Weiner.We first invited a selection
of about 30 artists to send us a project for a tattoo, and asked each of them to invite anyone
to participate, that could invite others too...
Everyday for a year or so we were finding a new project in the letterbox.
Gilles Dusein (Urbi et Orbi) joined us and for the first exhibition there were already about
two hundreds of projects, coming from various countries, from local to internationally well
known contemporary artists(from Acconci to B.Wurtz).
Some drawings have been realized as tattoos, some were conceptual statements, some allusive
sculpture, painting or photographic works.
The collection has been growing from exhibition to exhibition, with the participation of Daniel
Buchholz,(Cologne) and Andrea Rosen (New York).
  Ben & (fake) tattoo, 1991